Tava Kitchen is inspired by the roadside restaurants in India known as Dhabas – serving fresh locally sourced food, often 24 hours a day. red-woman1

The central dish of Tava Kitchen is the Paratha Roll, made up of warm Paratha Bread cooked on a tava griddle, wrapped around a variety of meat, vegetable and cheese fillings. Each dish is cooked in a blend of Indian spices and fresh herbs, creating a distinctive taste available nowhere else.

When you buy a Paratha Roll, you can choose your main filling, then add any of our home cooked sauces – Chilli and Garlic, Mint and Apple or Imli. Rice and a griddled egg can also be added, along with salad to make your own perfect Paratha Roll.

Breakfast is also an important meal to Tava Kitchen, and the same principles of fresh ingredients and Indian spices are followed. We serve freshly made Spicy Indian bean, Egg Masala or Aloo Pakora fresh on a Paratha Bread, topped with slices of streaky bacon if you wish.

So please come and visit Tava Kitchen any time of day, to get your hands on one of our Paratha Rolls or spicy breakfasts – and at least for a few hours after you’ll have a warm glow of the Indian subcontinent in your tummy!